Liberty Global Goes Live!

Liberty Global website screenshot

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Liberty Media International and UnitedGlobalCom have merged to form the world's largest broadband company now called Liberty Global. They serve many countries outside of the United States.

Thanks to Greg Gorman and the Commotion team, I had the opportunity to develop the design and layout of Liberty Global's website. Tim Ovesen, Creative Directer at Commotion, designed the logo, print materials, and graphics standards for the new company.

The two of us combined work to form the corporate PowerPoint presentation templates, email standards, and fax and memo documents. I designed the website layout, CSS (website style sheet - controlls formatting), and built the web template (paint canvas) in HTML to work in all of the more recent web browsers. I also built the animation header seen at the top of the pages (very subtle animation).

Orange42 managed the content of the website, and developed the JavaScript navigation system. Adam Shock, web intern at Commotion, created the animation on the front splash (intro) page. James Deagle, and Robert Wygle, web interns at Commotion, have been a great help in developing competitive design mockups for the client to choose from.

Matt Rulis, Stealth Marketing at Commotion, and Greg Gorman, Captain, kept the ball rolling! The people of Liberty Global have been pleased with Commotion's work. The project has kept me on the edge of my seat!

Through meetings, phone conferences, and requests, I learned much about the workings of large corporations. And although it was different, I have enjoyed the work just as much as I enjoy working with smaller businesses. I hope to continue a good mixture of corporate and small business adventures.

Posted: 2005-06-28