Parking Stripe Advertising - New Design

Parking Stripe Advertising website screenshot

The new Parking Stripe Advertising website has been published! The site features an updated stripe viewer, more in-depth information about the new product, news, photo/video slide shows, and emphasis on landowners and advertisers.

Given the opportunity to redesign the site from layout to publish, I owe thanks to Eric Lindgren who re-skinned the car seen in the stripe viewer, and the Commotion and PSA team for endless content writing and revisions. James Deagle, intern at Commotion, reformulated and designed the profit calculator and other content distributed by CD to brokers.

Tim Ovesen, Creative Director, played devil's advocate and helped me see architectural elements more clearly. The history of designs:

previous Parking Stripe Advertising website

Here is a snapshot from the previous website. Ewwww! Sadly... I designed the layout along with the older ones featured here. It was "cool" at the time, but luckily I continue to study and improve my design capabilities. This was produced to appeal to a conservative audience. From what I heard, it did its job.

Parking Stripe Advertising older website

The website before the last was built all in Flash. It featured a sliding page system that entertained visitors, but was hard to update and confused many visitors. Perhaps the navigation would best be used as a small sub page component.

dino age Parking Stripe Advertising website design

While Parking Stripe Advertising was in its infant stages, this design was never fully published. It featured an intro animation that blew the minds of many. However, the image did not represent the company very well and was scrapped. Notice also the old car used in the logo. Isn't it cute?

Posted: 2005-11-17