Race For the Cure - Parking Stripe Advertising

Sponsors Halliburton and Ford used Parking Stripe Advertising to show their support for the Race For the Cure event today (actually yesterday by a few minutes). Instead of using the printed parking stripes in parking lots, they were used as starting line and finish line strips.

Seen by all 65,000+ runners/walkers, the stripes were a great success. The stripes received TV coverage. They also acted as landmarks that were observed and photographed by walkers as a souvenir.

Early Morning Install

I woke up at 2:00am and joined the team to install stripes at 3:45am. I also brought my camera along in hopes of taking good pictures of the event and stripes. We placed row upon row of stripes at the beginning and end of the race.

Well Stuck

The new adhesive on the stripes stuck very well to the pavement. They could have stayed in place for months, but we were able to pull them up later with relative ease. The pavement was left damageless without adhesive residue.

extra help

As the morning progressed, we were helped by some great volunteers who walked over the stripes to make sure they were down. We finished with time to spare before the race.

Starting Line

Close to starting time, the racers were pumped up! Gymnasts and military personnel aided with stretches and warm ups.

Racing over Parking Stripes

The race began. An endless crowd started its way through the 5K course, runners in one lane, and walkers in the other.

9 News

9 News was at the starting line interviewing groups and individuals. Many teams wore costumes as seen with the pink haired girls in the above picture. I also spotted men walking in pink dresses!

Lots of Runners

The amount of people at the race was amazing! I have never seen so many people in one place at once. Several racers admired the stripes as they went by. Many took pictures, and I heard plenty of complements spoken as the message printed on them touched racers.

Finish Line

Cheerleaders and fans encouraged racers at the finish line. I knew that the printed stripes left an impact when I was pulling them off the street. Several racers helped clean up, and took stripes home with them. The stripes served as a symbol that they could remember the race by. Because of this, I feel that Parking Stripe Advertising should be used for future fundraiser events.

Using the stripes leaves a positive impression. Parking Stripe Advertising official website: [www.parkingstripe.com] -link archived-

Posted: 2005-10-03