October to October in a Nutshell

As a year has past without posting anything here, the time has come for a new look, a look back at the last year. My brother had a baby. My sister had a baby. I didn't have a baby. I'm a year older this year than I was last year, along with everybody else. I worked a lot this year at Commotion, taking part in many projects.

A couple highlighted designs:

TEAM Group website screenshot

The Team Group - www.theteamgroup.com

This design focused on making the imagery as large as possible, promoting people to want to travel to the featured unique locations.

Madison Partners website screenshot

Madison Partners llc - www.madisonpartnersllc.com

This website featured a custom back end for uploading and sharing files with clients, and administrating portions of the website.

Bud Light Rock Paper Scissors website screenshot

Bud Light Rock Paper Scissors - [www.budlightrps.com] -link archived-

Design by Dmitri Wood, talking hand and functionality by myself, this design guided contest winners and employees to desired destinations in a fun way.

Parking Stripe Advertising website screenshot

Parking Stripe Advertising - [www.parkingstripe.com] -link archived-

I had the opportunity to redesign the logo and look of Parking Stripe Advertising. Past revisions of this website can be seen here. I ended my 4 year position with Commotion as Intern -> Director of Web Development -> Media Director, in September. I couldn't refuse the job upgrade offer from The Society of Leisure Enthusiasts. So far the job has been a positive change in different aspects.

I learned much from Commotion that helps in my new job daily. I will have to discuss more about the new job another day as there is so much to talk about! That about covers it. More posts soon!

Posted: 2007-10-15