The Society Evolves Part 1

The society evolves. So does! Now that The Society of Leisure Enthusiasts website is in beta, pressure increases to improve all aspects of the website and features. Helpful feedback from property owners, vacation rental managers, travelers, and fellow enthusiasts of leisure has helped the online vacation rental website change for the better.

The Society of Leisure Enthusiasts First Home Page Publish

The first publish of home page was a start. More focus was placed on functionality than design. This is what the home page looked like when I was hired as part of the web design and development team. Development and design was managed and produced by [Cicada] -link archived-. Developments of varying features such as news and search engine tools were created by [Dave Gullo] -link archived-.

The Society of Leisure Enthusiasts Second Home Page Publish

The second home page publish since my start at The Society was my first experience working with the site. It took me a while to get used to working in the development environment as it was not what I was used to. The thought of multiple developers working on the same files at the same time blew my mind! Changes and additions were made while following the general rules of present designs.

The Society of Leisure Enthusiasts Third Home Page Publish

The upcoming publish will look much like this! Design rules begin to bend. A three step process for finding vacation rentals and surrounding activities has been added. An interactive map allows users to browse content by location. Two columns are used instead of three to reduce confusion. Dynamic features are modified to be more consistent with each other

An increased focus on The Society's community has been increased. More changes like this will continue as The Society evolves!

Posted: 2007-11-10