Christian and Aranda Get Married


Amanda and I took off for a brief yet well spent trip to South Dakota for my cousin Christian and his new wife Aranda's wedding. Christian asked me to be his best man and I was honored to be there for him (and very grateful for the time off while newly employed!).

Between South Dakota and Colorado sits Nebraska, an entire state of it. A trip through Nebraska can't be complete without a stop at at Runza, Amanda's favorite Nebraska food chain. They make "runzas", a cabbage and beef stuffed roll, much saltier than either of us remembered. Runza also registered the term Frings®, a popular mix of french fries and onion rings served mixed together at the same time!


We stayed with Amanda's best friend Tiffany in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. It was great to spend time with her and tease her cats. We also spent quality time with family I've been getting to know better. Tiffany joined us on one visit and it turns out they worked together at one time (small world!). The good company, time spent with family, and food were fantastic!


Thomas, the cat.


Christian prepares to meet the bride. His sister's loved one, Anthony stands to the left.


Amanda photographs Chris covering Christian's eyes so not to see Aranda as she enters the room.


Aranda enters the room!


Christian sees Aranda for the first time in her beautiful dress.


The guys.


Aranda's family.


Christian's family.


The ladies.


You may kiss the bride!


Christian and Aranda stuff cake in each other's faces (I remember this being a difficult task during my wedding).


Aunt Kathy and Grandma Ferch do the twist!


After Christian's dollar dance line dwindled, I took the dance and solicited for more business. The women were jealous. :)


Amanda and I slow danced more at this wedding than we have ever danced, ever.


Alas, the wedding was over. We spent more time with family (the company and food were still AWESOME). We slept, and were off through the corn fields of Nebraska. However we had to stop at the Strategic Air and Space Museum near Lincoln, Nebraska.


The place was HUGE. A full sized Blackbird rested in the lobby to welcome visitors. It's currently the fastest plane used today for reconnaissance missions.


Planes, helicopters, Apollo modules, and everything else that flies filled the large museum.


My favorite attactions however were the smaller items, like this early control center. So many buttons (rotary and touch tone together)!


Here's the first "Red Phone" installed for the Strategic Air Command (SAC).


Knowing that I was Nowhere in Nebraska was great, but I was glad to leave the endless abundance of crops and straight road into mountainous areas again. Ahhhhhhh. I'm back, and glad to be working on space endeavors.

Posted: 2009-08-04