Jack Swigert Aerospace Academy Grand Opening

Jack Swigert Areospace Academy

Jack Swigert Aerospace Academy (JSAA), an aerospace themed middle school in Colorado Springs, Colorado, had their grand opening event yesterday. District 11 partnered with the Space Foundation to make the school a national example to help kids excel in STEM: (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). The event was largely covered by the media. (Channel 13's coverage: video no longer available)


The event began in JSAA's auditorium. Speakers included members of the Space Foundation, teachers, the mayor (above), and other representatives. Neat people were presented, including Jack Swigert's wife.

kids watchrocket launch

The kids at JSAA had a great time, and were really into what was going on. Activities included a water rocket launch, mini air rocket launches, other games, a barbecue, and a favorite that got a roar when announced in the auditorium; rocket pop sickles! The kids were what mattered in this event, and I feel that emphasis was well placed where needed.

signing of memorandum of understanding

A few groups are involved with the new school. A unit based in Ft. Carson has been assisting, including the painting of several rooms before school started. Above: The principle, military officer, and D-11 super attendant sign a memorandum of understanding.

musician landlord

A band played high quality music at the barbecue. Everyone was tapping their feet as they ate and visited. To my HUGE surprise, my apartment manager was playing guitar in the band!! (seen on the right) I didn't even recognize him until after I took a couple pictures. Talented guy!

Space Discovery Institute

Space Discovery Institute, traditionally a set of training events put on by Space Foundation Education, has turned into a physical location at JSAA. Work is under way to create labs for teachers and students, offices for Space Foundation educators/Education staff, and a supply store for teachers. From what I remembered hearing, the labs being placed there are AMAZING. I'll keep my mouth shut on the details until everything is official.

The Space Foundation marketing team has been greatly involved with Education endeavors since I started working with the Space Foundation. Everything from web, signage, logos, and other collateral have been produced. I had the chance to work in many areas with the team. Currently I'm finishing up the Space Foundation Education website (could go live today, polished in two weeks or so!). I also had the opportunity to pitch in rounds of logos for JSAA with my mark being chosen for the logo (seen at top of post), combined with Paul's typography. It's been awesome to see it all come together during this grand opening event!

Posted: 2009-08-27