Sister Emma Playing Football with Meeteetse Longhorns

Chris and Emma

Amanda and I had a chance to travel to Wyoming over the weekend to spend time with family and watch Emma play football as part of the Meeteetse Longhorns!

Emma was captain on senior day.

Emma played as captain on Meeteetse's senior day game vs the Farson Pronghorns, their last home game for the season. She switched out with different players throughout the game. It looked like every member of the team had a chance to play at some point. In fact, I don't think anyone sat on the sidelines the entire game (cool!). I didn't get to see her bash anyone this time, but I did see a guy try to push her over only to ricochet off one of the large players (Miranda caught it on tape. It was awesome). Emma did tackle a guy at a previous game when an opposing player started calling her names. As a result her team mates lovingly nicknamed her based on an Adam Sandler movie.

Emma fit in well with the team.

I guess Emma is the only girl playing football in the state of Wyoming right now. That didn't seem to make a difference though as she fit in great with her team. Emma tells me that they cover her back.

Meeteetse Longhorns vs Farson Pronghorns final score

Meeteetse won the game with a final score of 56 to 0! It was the first game they won this year. As their top player recuperated and played in this game, family thinks having him back in the game has boosted moral. The Longhorns definitely played as a team, and the game was fun to watch.

Moria, Robert, and Emma

Moria, Robert, and Emma

Miranda and Emma

Miranda and Emma We had a chance to go swimming in the hot springs a couple times with everyone, spend time with Grandma, eat great food, and get to know Moria a bit more (She's nice! I just hope we didn't scare her away heh). Matthew wasn't able to make it due to drill, but we were able to join him and Amanda's parents for dinner while passing through Cheyenne. The trip back was fairly rainy, with some slush between Shoshone and Casper.

I heard later that Miranda ran into nearly white out conditions on the same road in the evening. Robert and Moria made it through South Pass in rough conditions just before they closed the road! Everyone made it home ok. More pictures may be posted soon after the film develops. Dad let me use his Pentax and telephoto lens to capture some potentially cool action shots. Photos in this post captured by Amanda! I look forward to the next visit.

Posted: 2009-10-06