Space Foundation "Seat Master"

Space Foundation "Seat Master"


Active* (?) (reported to be my longest running app at the Space Foundation!)



Additional Credits

The Space Foundation VPs do the hard work of handling seating at high end events (seating is big deal!). This tool only helps in quickening the process.


Manage assigned seating at multiple large, high level meal events. Send email and mobile text alerts regarding seating assignment updates. Provide a phone voice interface that reads seating assignments, cancels attendance and directs customers to humans as needed. Print branded attendee name place cards to be placed on tables.

Highlighted Features

Allows adding and assigning of meal event attendees, generates several custom reports to aid in pairing attendees and sponsors at multiple events, handles some event logistics, generates named place cards printed on perforated Avery templates on-site, sends mass email and SMS notifications about seating assignment changes, handles voice calls and reads out seating assignments

Posted: 2011-02-01