Turn a Raspberry Pi into a Minimal Hands-Free Kiosk

Raspberry Pi

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Update: This post is old. There are better ways to do this. If wanting to stick with a Pi, check out balenaDash.

Working in a museum setting, I was looking for a way to turn a Raspberry Pi into a simple kiosk that anyone could plug in and leave (no logins, clicking around to get things started, just plug n' go type stuff). Examples of kiosks in mind include a live streaming video kiosk of the International Space Station (NASA provides multiple live video feeds!), a basic slideshow or scrolling list of donors from a web browser or even something like a artifact touchscreen interface (not discussed here as a larger compatible touchscreen wasn't within reach). And why not? A Raspberry Pi device only costs $38, perfect for a non-profit budget while bringing more life to existing or new display equipment.

Thanks to some wonderful sources listed below, getting started was pretty straight forward. Here's the quick combined step-by step.

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Additional Reading

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Posted: 2014-10-14