Event Info Screens (v2)

Event Info Screens (v2)






Show live event schedule, ads, announcements and meal seating assignments at Space Symposium events and venue. Replace the old version that ran in Flash/Adobe AIR with a JavaScript/HTML5 version optimized to run on mobile technology.

Highlighted Features

Developed to run on affordable Raspberry Pi hardware, allowing the Space Foundation to do more with digital displays on a tight budget (and more exciting things with hardware add-ons in the future e.g. badge scanners). A schedule of what to show at what times syncs with an info screen admin website. Hardware checks in with a monitoring app to make sure all screens are running as they should from afar. Offline mode keeps things running if the internet connection is disrupted. Software adapts to different screen resolutions and orientations (optimized for HD).

Posted: 2015-05-04