Hub of Git

Cover photo by KiVEN Zhao on Unsplash

What happens when you combine Salt-N-Pepa, Daft Punk and robots trying to rap? ... Something like this! Targeting developers who love to share their code and collaborate on projects via services such as GitHub, this song will surely be on DJ playlists in upcoming geek parties.

Vocals were extracted from a text-to-speech service, Amazon Polly. Original lyrics were split into individual word recordings via custom Node.js scripts. The lyrics were then worked in one word at a time, aligning/stretching syllables to the beat with added effects to help make the British accented voice sound more "natural".

Featured MetaPop Native Sketches Season Two contest kit stems: BAMZ - OPEN HAT [NI Sketches].wav BAMZ - RIM [NI Sketches].wav BAMZ - REV KICK [NI Sketches].wav BAMZ - REV CYM [NI Sketches].wav BAMZ - SNARE 1 [NI Sketches].wav Jeka Jones - Native1_150bpm_Fx1 [NI Sketches].wav Jeka Jones - Native1_150bpm_Fx2 [NI Sketches].wav Kami Awori - Shakers La Riviere [NI Sketches].wav Monte Booker - Crackle Vinyl 5 [NI Sketches].wav Monte Booker - Kick SoBossy 1 [NI Sketches].wav Cazal Organism - Father Sky Kick 1 [NI Sketches].wav Cazal Organism - Father Sky Kick 2 [NI Sketches].wav sega bodega - hi hats 2 [NI Sketches].wav Software: Reaper Reaktor 6 custom-wired instruments using blocks and 2-Osc Replika Wavesfactory DrumCircle (claps) Boost (R.I.P Cakewalk :'(, give me tips to replace) Adobe Audition Hardware: Toothpicks and spoons (so excited to compete!)

Posted: 2018-05-17