Create Videos With React

While brushing up on the inner workings of React, I was excited to learn that the commit phase could be altered to not just take React's virtual dom to generate a website with ReactDOM, yet also native mobile apps with React Native, pdfs with React-pdf and videos with Remotion. Remotion is built on ReactDOM and outputs timed animations and familiar React components to video using FFmpeg.

Why create videos with React and Remotion? See the video I made about this topic, created with React, TypeScript and Remotion. The code that created the video is also available on GitHub at:

Tomatoes and stars are welcome there. I look forward to hearing how you would go about using this tech on LinkedIn or GitHub.

Special Thanks

"Tea time lady" was generated with DALL-E 2, Photoshop Generative Fill and HeyGen.

This video was made possible by Remotion.

Background music provided courtesy of StreamBeats.

Astronomy Picture of the Day courtesy of NASA.

Weather data provided by OpenWeather.

Looking at cell phone photo by jaikishan patel on Unsplash

Looking at laptop photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

Text-to-speech narration provided by

Posted: 2023-08-24