Lost Time


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While rebuilding this blog after dropping it years ago, I ponder what happened in the last five to six years. It's hard for me to remember what I ate for lunch yesterday (delicious memorable BBQ, the lunch before that though...). While I could scroll through endless likes history on LinkedIn and silly Twitter posts, without a good record of previous happenings to reference, it's been a bit difficult for me to plot a course forward.

UPDATE: After parsing through and relaunching this blog, I'm feeling more refreshed, drawn to continue to grow machine learning skills and keep doing the dev work I love. ❤️

So much change:

  • Welcomed a new baby girl to our family
  • Switched from building smaller web projects to chipping away at very large web applications
  • Dove into an agriculture green field project
  • Jumped into military contract work
  • Navigated a pandemic with everyone else on the planet
  • Leaped into human-centered video communications
  • Leveled up electronics hobbies
  • Watched my baby girl turn six!?

For the purpose of continuing to reconnect with myself and others (pandemics man!), I've set off to relaunch the blog. I might even backfill it a bit with music and silly holiday eCard traditions.

I'm not trying to bring in a large audience, because who cares (reason for dropping it in the first place). I feel it's good to know where a person has been on their journey and to give others a hint of that while building relationships.

Chris and Amanda

It's also a public photo album. My wife and I just shared rediscovered cute blog images from over a decade ago. Awe! 🥹

Posted: 2023-05-29