Production Room

The World Prodigy Visitors Center is nearly complete! The core area of the center is the production facility. The room is designed to represent the inner aspects of my work through architectural symbols. Features of the production facility include a website display platform, a screen that explains the various parts of the room related to my work ethic, an artificial intelligence program, and entrance to a secret room.

Production facility - power generator and web platform

To the left is the power generator. It shows I have the energy to get jobs done quickly and efficiently, and have the power to make clients' identity known well through the web. The web project interface sits to the right.

logistical core, creative core, and holographic projector

The logistical core stands to the left. It represents my use of management, information architecture, and the ability to make creative projects functional on a high level. Next stands the creative core. It represents my ability to produce a vast amount of new creative solutions and designs for clients. To the right is the holographic projector where visitors can chat with my artificial intelligence.

secret door

Sure the secret door is quite visible, but what's behind it? You'll have to unlock it first and see for yourself! I put this here to spike more interest in the website. After all, what's a Myst game inspired website without mysteries?


The puzzle itself has been completed. Although you can't enter the door yet, I made the puzzle available to play with.

Posted: 2005-08-31