World Prodigy Visitors Center

Progress on my final portfolio site is going well! Rather than building a traditional website to display my portfolio pieces, I'm building an interactive virtual world where visitors can "walk" in a 3D space. The idea is based on the popular video game, Myst III Exile, produced by Presto Studios.

Panorama Engine

The website features my very own panorama engine. Visitors are able to pan left and right, and click in a desired area to move forward a few steps. Currently, a few bugs are being worked out in the engine, but it is nearing completion. There are also quick links to content for those in a hurry such as a jump map, and sub interface of my portfolio.


The world where the portfolio resides in is being modeled in Bryce 5. As I have basic knowledge of 3ds max , Bryce was just cheaper and faster to work with as I already knew the Bryce interface.

World Prodigy Visitors Center

Here is the World Prodigy Visitors Center. After being hurled through the atmosphere, visitors land here to start exploring. The center features an art gallery, theater, production facility, and personal space.

Entry Room

The main entry features a geo tracking guest book. The website tries to locate visitors using their ip address, and places their dot on the map for other visitors to see. This component of the website is completed. Give it a try! You can leave your mark at [] -link archived-.

Round Doors

A friend told me that these doors reminded him of a hobbit's house. They open sideways one section at a time, almost like a curtain.


This is the theater where animations a video projects are displayed. There is still more to come! I'm currently building the other rooms, along with an artificial intelligence program that chats with visitors in the production facility. This will be interesting.

Posted: 2005-08-22