Broncos Fan Fair

Broncos Stadium - partly cloudy... for a little while

The Broncos Fan Fair the 3rd and 4th was fantastickkkkkkly hot! While it was cloudy for a little while, most of the day was spent waiting in lines for signatures and baking my scalp off in the sun.

Sandra, Eric, Nathan, Amanda

Sandra, Eric, Nathan, and Amanda sit in front of the stadium by a Bronco statue arrangement.

Amanda gets her visor signed.

Amanda gets her visor signed after slowly nudging through a long line. $3.00 waters were conveniently purchased while in line.

The crowd goes wild!

Eric, Sandra, Amanda, and Eric, Sandra, Amanda... went wild in the stands. It felt good to finally explore the stadium as I have not been to an event there until now.

Photo with a Bronco

Amanda and I have our picture taken with a player. The event was slow, with much disorganization on the staff's end (like the 2 hours of screaming kids and parents when the kids couldn't get off the field after some sprinkler fun). I was however glad that Eric, Nathan, and Amanda were able to get some of the signatures they were looking for.

Posted: 2006-06-19