Gay Pride in Front Yard

feather costume

It's amazing what one can wake up to in the morning! After being shaken out of bed by loud motorcycle engines and continuous cheers, Amanda and I went outside to see what was up. It was the Gay Pride Parade! The parade route included my street here in Denver, Colorado. It was a quieter part of the parade, leaving room to receive lots of candy, necklaces, stickers, condoms, and lube.

Elaborate Dress

Many of the floats were very entertaining. One featured beautiful dress and dance to the Macarena. Another that stuck out in my mind was a square dance trailer bed.

parents support gay children

A group of parents walked by with signs supporting their gay family. Several walkers were in the parade including a long list of political candidates.

sun tan

Everything goes at the Gay Pride Parade. Men tanning on trucks, sex dolls and balloons in the air, dogs in costumes just to name a few items.

lovely gentlemen

A couple lovely gentlemen posed for a picture. Their costumes were fantastic!

stilt bike

My favorite part of the parade was the "stilt bikes". The parade was unexpected, and a lot of fun. As I sit here writing this now, I can feel the cavities take over as all this candy gets eaten.

Posted: 2006-06-26